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Tecno sparks 7p Unboxing & Review – After 1 Week of Use! 90Hz, Helio G70 Chip & MORE Read Full Article to get info.

The TECNO Spark 7p occupies a unique spot in the Spark series. Being a 7th generation spark device.

Itโ€™s also higher than the Spark 7 with regards to the spec bump in the processor.

A MediaTek Helio G70 CPU compared to the Helio A25 that the regular 7 has.

The 7p is their newest addition to the Nigerian market boasting of a 90Hz display, that all-new chipset, and a big battery.

Whatโ€™s behind the hood with this device? Itโ€™s less than $150 dollars, less than 15 thousand Rupees.

weโ€™ll be seeing whatโ€™s special and whatโ€™s not so special about it, basically the pros and cons of this device, after my extensive usage with it. Without further ado, letโ€™s unbox and uncover what the spark 7 has to offer.

Taking that nylon wrap off of the box brings us closer to how it looks now, in terms of packaging.

Tecno spark 7p did a better job with their Spark series adding some subtle patterns onto the box, Gigantic Spark.

Tecno spark 7p
Tecno spark 7p

Text, and of course, specifications at the back of the phone. Weโ€™re going to tackle every single one of them.

Inside the box is where we get a smaller thinner box with labels on it that look like the documentation and the case.

On the back of it is where we get the SIM ejector tool and when we open up, we do get it.

Tecno spark 7p price in Bangladesh

The 12+1 Months warranty and the rubber case that comes with the Tecno spark 7p. Next up is the topic of discussion, the Spark 7p itself.

TECNO highlights these features.

The 90Hz Refresh Rate, the Helio G70, 16MP AI Camera. Super Night Mode, Smile Snapshot, and the large 5,000 mah battery.

Weโ€™ll come to the device later but letโ€™s check what else is in the box, the regular charger, regular USB Cable not USB C.

Headphones that arenโ€™t the in-ear kind.

After the wraps are off, the back of the Tecno spark 7p is seen here in this blue color, itโ€™s one of the four colors you get on the 7p, called Alps Blue.

The other colors are the Summer Mojito, Spruce Green, and Magnet black.

The Design of the Tecno spark 7p also borrows from the Realme X7 Proโ€™s design which has Dare to Leap on the back.

Here we have the name of the device as the inscription.

It took just over a minute to set up the Spark 7p and we enter the device with HiOS 7.6.0, this is Android 11 as well.

At the top of the Spark 7p, thereโ€™s nothing there, on the right side is where we get the power button and volume rockers.

The bottom section has the headphone jack, microphone beside it, the USB port, and speaker grille.

The left side has the dual 4g nano sim and micro SD card slot. I like how the polycarbonate meshes with the camera bump section which, make no mistake is also polycarbonate.

TECNO really tried with the design of this entry-level device, the Spark 7p. Plastic is of course very durable.

This phone would definitely stay functional even when it falls. Tecno spark 7p

Tecno spark 7p specifications And Price

The rubber case also fits it well, so the design on the back is still intact as well as the cutouts that you get.

The phone also comes with a screen protector pre-installed for extra safety against scratches but it can get in the way.

The first thing I did when I set up the Spark 7p has entered the settings and check out the settings for the new 90Hz display.

The three options are 90Hz for smoother animations, 60Hz for longer battery life, and auto-switch refresh rate for different app use.

Now, the Spark 7p is a 720p display, a bummer if weโ€™re being honest but since itโ€™s a Spark device.

Not necessarily a Camon series device, not a lot is usually expected in this line. Itโ€™s entry-level and priced that way. Tecno spark 7p

Itโ€™s an IPS LCD Display, 6.82 inch HD display, and resolution is 720 x 1640. Now when you take a look at this display in the context of watching videos,

Itโ€™s not the highest quality, BUT, I did notice that since YouTube doesnโ€™t compress videos anymore with respect to peopleโ€™s phone displays.

Tecno spark 7p
Tecno spark 7p

I was able to watch videos on the Spark 7p in up to 2k or Quad HD having the maximum streaming resolution set at 1440p which wasnโ€™t bad throughout my usage.

One thing is for sure, in the Mediatek documentation page, the maximum resolution for this processor is 2520 x 1080p,

This would have been super dope for this device but hey, we get a 720p display and this was definitely a choice either based on cost or just an inability to make it suit this.

At least we get 2K in playback and recording which weโ€™ll talk about in a bit. Iโ€™d say day-to-day usage with text and images was not bad at all.

Scrolling was great, image quality was also good but I didnโ€™t like the haptic feedback at all.

They never have been great on the spark series in comparison to the higher-end smartphones or even midrange devices but they work.

Another capability of MediaTekโ€™s G70 is that RAM can go as high as 8GB.Tecno spark 7p

TECNO chose to be conservative here and offer us 2 options with the Spark 7p, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of Storage as one option.

The second option is 4GB of RAM and 128GB of Storage. Thatโ€™s the highest option and the one we have here.

Iโ€™ve not had apps shut down on me and have been able to use the device fairly for the most part without lag.

My major pet peeve or annoyance with Tecno spark 7p and something I highlighted in the Infinix Hot 10 Play.

The bloatware serves a little too many notifications and ads.

When will the Tecno Spark 5 be released and what will be the price?

You can uninstall all of the apps that would bother you in this process but keep in mind that.

Youโ€™ll have to uninstall them again once you update the software.

Speaking of software, weโ€™ve got the Android 11 OS right here, pretty nice to see.

Itโ€™s been updated to be based on HiOS 7.6 and there are two features that stand out or are sort of

Special features for TECNO moving forward and thatโ€™s Peek Proof which lets you leave only a portion of your screen to be bright.

While everywhere else gets a dark filter so letโ€™s say youโ€™re in a bus.

Tecno spark 7p
Tecno spark 7p

You can only leave the keyboard and make sure others donโ€™t see your sensitive chats. The other special feature is the antitheft one.

Here, you can make sure your phone goes off and requests your pattern or password if your phone is unplugged either with the headphones or the charger.

It also makes a loud ringing sound until you enter the correct pattern, fingerprint, or password.

The whole phone closes everything and defaults to the lock screen.

So thatโ€™s some extra sort of security level if your phone might be in a bad situation of being stolen.

These are actually cool features and in my opinion, lean more towards useful than comical or gimmicky or impractical.

Youโ€™ve also got in addition to the multiple other features, App twin which lets you sign in to two accounts on the same all that you might have not gotten the chance to do anyway.

What do you think of the features? With regards to processing power, we have the MediaTek Helio G70.

Which is the best thing they could have done with the Tecno spark 7p in my opinion. Itโ€™s a 12nm octa-core processor clocked at 2.0 GHz.

Graphics processing is the Mali G52 as well. [ Gaming + Battery ]

This processor is designed for Gamers in mind as seen on the MediaTek website and indeed it did render gaming better than the predecessors ever did.

I played Mortal Kombat and Call of Duty for over 30 minutes and from 23% it went down to 19% in the first 15 mins of gaming and from 19 it went down to 15.%

In the next 15 minutes so you can say that you lose 8% for 30 minutes of gaming or 4% for 15 minutes of gaming. As an estimate, and according to my stats.

you can get up to 6 hours of gaming out of this guy.

Also, something I noticed with regards to the speaker is that sound not only comes out from the bottom but also from the earpiece section.

Thatโ€™s cool indeed an improvement from the previous generation. Something commendable.

With regards to the battery as well, compared to the regular Tecno spark 7p 6,000 mAh, weโ€™ve got a lower 5,000 mAh on the Spark 7p.

This wasnโ€™t bad for my own usage however as I mostly found the device dependable considering our region with little electricity.

Also with the regular charger, you would need about 2 hours to charge this device.

Which is not the most amazing but that 5,000 mah means you donโ€™t have to always charge it.

Tecno spark 7p price in Nigeria

You also get a charging Indicator. [ Fingerprint & Face Unlock ]

The phone is taller. 6.8 inches compared to 6.5 inches on the regular Spark 7 and because of what I believe is design alignment.

The fingerprint reader is positioned a little bit too tall to reach so youโ€™ll have to actually scoot your hand up a bit to get to the top of the phone and tap.

The fingerprint reader was fast nonetheless and even more secure than the face unlock which doesnโ€™t necessarily have any sensors other than the front-facing camera.

Itโ€™s also fast as well but Iโ€™d lean more on the fingerprint for security. [ Camera ]

Tecno spark 7p markets the Spark 7p as a 16MP Ai Triple camera with Quad Flash which doesnโ€™t leave anything else in information and a lot of people would have to guess what the other two are.

One thing is for sure, I covered one of the lenses, the lowest lens and it shows that that is the one assisting with portrait mode and thatโ€™s usually a 2MP lens.

The second lens in the middle is what I believe is a macro lens or a lens that aids with night mode or black and white photography and thatโ€™s also speculatively 2MP as well.

However, check my pinned comment if thereโ€™s any update, Iโ€™ll surely change that. The front camera is an 8MP shooter, nothing too crazy.

However, somehow itโ€™s able to shoot 2K video and it also has an eye-tracking feature that basically only tracks your eyes and doesnโ€™t translate into actual image quality but onlyโ€ฆ tracks the eye.

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